Thursday, 19 July 2012

Current Wishlist...

Rihanna's Clothing line for River Island...

It was announced days ago that this was happening! What do we all think about this? Personally I am very excited! I love Rihannas daring and quirky style and would love to see if she brings elements of that into her own range. I imagine it will hold alot of bright colours and edgy, unusual designs but we will have to see... It will be interesting to see how much of her own style she will adapt into the range becuase that would be a crazy collection! VERY excited for this.

Bad Blogger!

Oh myyyy! I have completely neglected this blog for weeks so I apologise and have to come to update you on all the recent happenings, purchases and discoveries I've come across recently! 

In my previous post I mentioned going back dark... So here is a photo...

And I got new extra long extensions too! I love it so much more, I forgot how much I loved being dark and I definitely think it suits me so much better.

What distracted me most was being on my holidayyyyyy!! Me and Richard went to Portugal and it couldn't have been more perfect! I wont bore you with details and mountains of pictures but I would reccomend staying in the Old Town in Albufeira to any other couples looking for a chilled holiday but also the option of a lively nightlife. Here are a couple of photos...

As you can see my hair got gradually lighter again on holiday (annoyinggggggg) But this was definitely one of my favourite holidays yet!! I was so depressed when I got back to England that I've booked a cheeky 4 nights in Majorca with my best friend next week wowowoowww! (the perks of a student overdraft oops)

Speaking of money... I've recently got a new job at Newlook! I love it sooooo much more than my other job AND I get 50% discount! How amazing is that... but also very dangerous because every shift I just eye up everything I am going to buy! So I predict that the future of this blog will hold alot of newlook purchases!! 

Recent Purchases that I have made are...
 This GORGEOUSSSSS top from River Island! It is completely me! My favourite colours, pretty embellished detail and really pretty and girly. It was a great find.
I also found these in the River islan sale! Best bargain ever!! They were reduced from £65 to £20 and they are beaut! They only have a size 4 left but I manage to squeeze my little feet into them perfectly yayyyy!

I wore the new River Island gear with Topshop leather look leggins.

This has to be my current fave outfit! I am obsessed with Peplum! It is soooo flattering I LOVE it! I wore a Topshop Peplum top with this fushia Pink Pencil skirt which is from Missguided. Pencil skirts are really on trend right now and I can't believe I've waited this long to buy one!

Last purchase was this nude blazer from the Topshop sale which was reduced from £55 to £25 and I have wanted it for agesssssss! So I was VERY happy when I found it on the sale wrack. I just wore it for casual drinks with my Topshop Pink jeans but I can't wait to dress it up and wear it on a night out.

I think thats everything... I wont leave it as long as last time to blog again! I don't no what I was thinking :)

cyaaaaaaaa x