Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I'm backkkkk...

After months of neglecting my blog I am finally back in the blogging game and intend on staying put! The last few months have been veryyyy hectic! Before christmas I started a new job which I detested with a passion and it made me seriously miserable! But last month I got offered a job in marketing ATLAST and I'm really enjoying it!

Now that the job side of my life is all going smoothly and everything else is pretty great, I can now focus a little more time on blogging, which I am immensely happy about! To start things off, I thought I would do a post about my faves of the month! I've been introduced to so many amazing new products lately which I can't believe I have never used before and that I highly recommend!

Firstly I am obsessed with this Lancome Clarifying Cleanser Foam! I've never been one to use many skin products as I've always been lucky to have good skin without really looking after it. In the past all I've used is a basic moisturiser and that's pretty much it. But I got this a couple of months ago and have fallen in love. It smells amazing and it literally feels like you are washing your face with silk! A definite recommendation from me!

Then we have this, my tangle teezer which I am sure most of you girls own! But for those of you who don't, I urge you to buy one immediately! I literally don't no how I survived without one before! My hair is literally like a mane and this amazing tool gets through it without any pain and within seconds. I carry it everywhere! It is a definite must have.

Next is this amazing product! Again I urge you to buy it! If you're sick of messing around struggling to get your nail varnish off and getting cotton wool stuck everywhere, this product will make your life a million times easier. Again, I wish I had discovered this ages ago because it just makes things a million times easier! It removes varnish in seconds and it lasts ages too!

Lastly my new favourite foundation! I have used Estee Lauder Double wear for years and I love it! But sometimes during the day I feel it can be a bit heavy. I wanted something with a good coverage but slightly lighter and I've found that this YSL perfect touch radiance is amazing! It's slightly more expensive at £35 but it ticks all the boxes for me and it has lasted me ages! 

If you were on the fence about any of these products, I hope I have swayed you to giving them a try! And I would love to hear about any of your favourite products too! Now that I'm back to blogging I would love to find some amazing new blogs to follow, so if you have any to recommend or if you think I would love yours then let me know!