Friday, 12 December 2014

All black everything...

So it's coming up to the time of year where my social calendar is absolutely jam packed and the stress of finding an outfit for every occasion is the biggest stress in life. This year I wanted to be prepared by finding a couple of signature pieces that would be suitable for several style of occasions and that were ready and hanging in my wardrobe for a last minute outfit emergency over Christmas.

I am a strong believer that the LBD can do no wrong. Which is why I have added 2 little black numbers to my wardrobe this winter. Not only do I find black very slimming for me, which is great especially at this time of year when dieting is the hardest thing imaginable! But I love how you can match it with near enough anything.

This year I finally jumped on the Zara bandwagon, I literally adore everything! So it was a no brainer this Christmas when looking for my staple pieces where I would look first. After a mere 30 minutes in there I came out with two outfits and a pair of shoes! That is why I LOVE Zara.

So firstly I picked up this very simple, classic black dress with a flouncy, skater style to it. Unfortunately the image below does the dress no justice as the dress looks a lot better on. I love how the fabric is thick and structured so it creates a beautiful shape when wearing it. The shape is also very flattering as it sucks in at the waist which I love. I especially love the detail at the back, I'm never brave enough to wear anything with a low back but I feel this isn't too low and gives the dress a more dressy finish. I think this style of dress would be perfect for something like a works party as it isn't too over the top but it is a classic piece that you can dress up how you wish. I will definitely be wearing this over the Christmas period and at just £29.99 it wont be the end of the world if it only gets the one wear.

Secondly I picked up this black chiffon/lace playsuit. Again the pictures really don't do this justice as it looks so lovely and flattering on. I love how versatile this piece is as I can dress it up with heels and statement accessories for a night out or for a more casual look it would look cute with some knee high boots. Its my best friends birthday night out on Saturday and I'm planning on wearing this, I will definitely take some pictures and post this again next week just to show you how much better it looks on. Again this is from Zara and was just £29.99... AMAZING.

Lastly I've been in need of a new pair of black heels for some time and instantly fell in love with these! They are so simple but have little details on them which I think make them look a lot more expensive than they actually were at just £29.99. These will go perfect with both of the above outfits for an all black everything, winter chic look.

So once again Zara didn't let me down. I think its amazing how I got all of these lovely staple items for less than £90!! And now I have two classic back up plans for over Christmas just in case any wardrobe disasters occur.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

I'm backkkkk...

After months of neglecting my blog I am finally back in the blogging game and intend on staying put! The last few months have been veryyyy hectic! Before christmas I started a new job which I detested with a passion and it made me seriously miserable! But last month I got offered a job in marketing ATLAST and I'm really enjoying it!

Now that the job side of my life is all going smoothly and everything else is pretty great, I can now focus a little more time on blogging, which I am immensely happy about! To start things off, I thought I would do a post about my faves of the month! I've been introduced to so many amazing new products lately which I can't believe I have never used before and that I highly recommend!

Firstly I am obsessed with this Lancome Clarifying Cleanser Foam! I've never been one to use many skin products as I've always been lucky to have good skin without really looking after it. In the past all I've used is a basic moisturiser and that's pretty much it. But I got this a couple of months ago and have fallen in love. It smells amazing and it literally feels like you are washing your face with silk! A definite recommendation from me!

Then we have this, my tangle teezer which I am sure most of you girls own! But for those of you who don't, I urge you to buy one immediately! I literally don't no how I survived without one before! My hair is literally like a mane and this amazing tool gets through it without any pain and within seconds. I carry it everywhere! It is a definite must have.

Next is this amazing product! Again I urge you to buy it! If you're sick of messing around struggling to get your nail varnish off and getting cotton wool stuck everywhere, this product will make your life a million times easier. Again, I wish I had discovered this ages ago because it just makes things a million times easier! It removes varnish in seconds and it lasts ages too!

Lastly my new favourite foundation! I have used Estee Lauder Double wear for years and I love it! But sometimes during the day I feel it can be a bit heavy. I wanted something with a good coverage but slightly lighter and I've found that this YSL perfect touch radiance is amazing! It's slightly more expensive at £35 but it ticks all the boxes for me and it has lasted me ages! 

If you were on the fence about any of these products, I hope I have swayed you to giving them a try! And I would love to hear about any of your favourite products too! Now that I'm back to blogging I would love to find some amazing new blogs to follow, so if you have any to recommend or if you think I would love yours then let me know! 


Wednesday, 9 October 2013


One of the plus sides of no longer being a student and being back at home is that I have more money to spend on new lovely things. And I feel I have gone back to the shopaholic that I used to be. Here are some of my new fave purchases...
Absolutely in love with these! Leather skirt - New Look - £10 with my staff discount ;) Perfect for during the day and going out. Boots - New Look - £12.49 with my staff discount
After dyeing my hair back dark, the colours that suit me have changed, I barely ever buy red but I saw this dress and fell in love. Me and the girls are out in Manchester next week and I think I will save it for then (will post pics of what it looked like) Now I'm just looking for the right accessories, seeing as the dress is quite simple I want some very over the top pieces.
Lastly my new favourite lipstick! The picture does this no justice as the colour itself is a lot more of a coral shade rather than red. I absolutely love it! So impressed with Topshop's lipsticks this is my third now and each colour I have loved. Now I have to be on my best behaviour with spending until pay day (never going to happen) Will post again soon. cyaaaaaa x

Bad blogger award goes to...

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :( So I haven't blogged in absolutely forever! The last 6 months have been mayhem! I have now graduated from university and what a relief that is. It has been so nice not having the stress of deadlines over summer but now it has started to sink in that I wont be going back which does make me so so sad. I miss living the student life and getting drunk every other night of the week and living in my little cute student house and not having my parents breathing down my neck all the time. But that just makes me more determined to start the rest of my life, get an amazing job and save up for my own place. Fingers crossed this will happen soon, my life currently revolves around applying for jobs and there is no worse feeling that rejection. I'm getting by with working at New Look which I do enjoy but I want to start my professional career and New Look isn't a part of that plan. So theres a little update of why I have been the worst blogger, but I hope that from now on I will find the time to pay attention to my blog! xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Ebay listings...

MY EBAY Put a few bits on here before... check them out xxxxxxx

Benefit - Away we glow...

I never buy benefit make up, simply because I am usually poor and can't afford it :'( But my lovely mum in law bought me the Benefit - away we glow gift set for Christmas and I am SO impressed! 
Within a couple of days of using the product I was already panicking about when they run out because they make my skin look so radiant and glowing (just what it says on the tin.) So I have made a promise to myself that I will spend a little more on make up because there is no way I can go without any of the products in this set!

It's such a handy little kit and every product works to really lighten and brighten up your face subtly. 
I never wear eye shadow ever but the palette in this kit is amazing and I have been experimenting, for once, with my eye make-up and with the high beam to try a different direction for my make-up style.


Over the Last month I have got my hands on a few amazing newbies! Firstly I FINALLY became an owner of some heated rollers. They are Babyliss Pro Stylist heated rollers and they are AMAZING! Here is a photo after I used them... They work so well and make my hair so big and bouncy and very Cheryl like (yay) I would recommend them to anybody. My mum has shorter hair which is quite thin and they even worked great on her too and made her hair look so much thicker. Definitely a must have for anyone looking for big bouncy curls.

Second favourite newbie of the last month would be my Stylist Pick killer booties (which I am probably going to break my neck in.) But I have wanted some heeled boots for ages and these were reduced from £50 to £25 AMAZING! They are beautiful and will look fab for the internships I have coming up over the year and for the (fingers crossed) interviews I am hoping to get in a few months time. No pain no gain...

Lastly my cute new bowler hat is possibly my favourite thing ever! I love my trilby but it's too big for my head and always blows away. This style of hat fits perfectly and stays firmly put, so no embarrassing moment running down the street chasing my hat (cringe) It was £25 from Topshop. I think it finishes an outfit so well. Here I teamed it with my leather skater skirt (New Look) and cream jumper (River Island)