Monday, 12 November 2012

My current obsession... STATEMENT NECKLACES

On a wish list post several months ago I said that a statement necklace was at the top of my list... I now have quite a selection which is continuing to grow I just cant stop! They completely change an outfit and are such a handy piece to put with a fairly plain outfit that you have quickly thrown together when in a rush! Here are my favourite 3...

All from Topshop! 

Recent hair and beauty experiments...

Glitter on mushroom. 
Yes I know we've all seen glittery nails before but this picture doesn't do justice how great these colours are together! I used a models own mushroom brown shade for the base coat and then a layer of gold glitter over that. I found the idea on a pinterest board and thought the glitter really complemented the shade. And they will look perfect over christmas!

I wanted to try something different with my hair Its almost always down and curled! I wanted to try something where my hair would look appropriate for a dressy occasion whilst being up. From time to time I will try a bun but because my hair is so long I like to do styles that can show off my length (especially as I'm having it all chopped off soon *cry*) So after trailing through a million youtube tutorials I gave this style an attempt. It has lots of volume and is a little different to my usual looks. All it entailed was a lot of back comb in a bottle (AMAZING) and a good handful of hair grips. AND it didn't take long at all! I tried this out one morning before I went to uni as a quick trial and I had plenty of time. Give it a go guys :) x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bodycon midi...

So my latest purchase was something completely out of my comfort zone! I purchased this bodycon midi dress from Topshop for £30. It is a style I wouldn't usually have gone for, as I like to pick out loose fitting, feminine style dresses as they are more flattering towards my curvy figure. I saw this dress online and fell in love with the print and thought why not? I was a little apprehensive as it is very fitted but with the help of some bridget jones knickers (sshhh our secret) I felt fantastic in this style of dress! It has such a classy, feminine look but with an edge because of the cool print. I have seen that Topshop have this dress in a selection of colours and prints also which is very exciting! I can't wait to crack this dress out lots more over the next couple of months. xx

Monday, 15 October 2012


A trend I have noticed to be growing and growing is this cool and fierce military style trend that is swarming the high street and online stores. I love how something so uniform and masculine has been given a feminine edge to create some real cool and edgy pieces. Here are some of my favourite garments that I have come across when browsing online. The use of glitter and studs is a massive love of mine - I think it is a great contrast with the khaki colour palette! I will definitely be shopping around for a military style classic when it comes to payday! I don't think this trend will be disappearing anytime soon!

Sunday, 14 October 2012


I cannot deny that the new Chanel Hula Hoop bag instantly caught my eye! This new design for spring/summer 13 was the talk of the runway, intended for beach wear it is definitely different from ANYTHING we have seen before and I completely love it! I wonder how many celebs will be seen strolling along the beach with one of these next summer? Hats of to Karl Lagerfeld, combining fashion and practicality... that's not something you see everyday!

More shopping...

Hi bloggers! I'm back on the scene! I haven't been blogging very regularly at all because I'm back at uni and have been EXTREMELY busy. But I have a free evening so thought I'd do a few posts updating you on my latest favourite buys! 
I have been so naughty lately with the spending! But having all this uni work on, I feel I deserve a treat now and then...Well maybe one treat to many in this case!

Here's what I've been spending all of my money on...

 Metallic wrap dress - Topshop (oh my love)
 Black, lace high neck, bodycon dress - Topshop
 My new favourite thing in the world! Gorgeous winter coat - Miss Selfridge
 Instinct spur of the moment buy at the weekend! Sequin top - Miss Selfridge
 Gorgeous (very high) wedges - Miss Selfridge
 Contrast, bandage skater dress - Missguided
My new love, wear it with EVERYTHING - statement necklace - Topshop

Friday, 7 September 2012

Glitter Obsessed!

 I don't no about you, but I am partial to a little (or a lot) of glitter! Which is why I was superrrrr excited to try the new 'pinch punch' extra glittery nail varnish from the Louise Gray make-up line for Topshop. I was looking for a vibrant glittery varnish to cover up the imperfections I have on my nails as I've just taken my acrylic nails off and they have left my nails in an awful condition. This nail varnish did the trick completely! Just 2 coats of this and my nails looked cute, sparkley and covered up the damage! For £6.50 I was very impressed and will definitely continue to use this in the future! x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

20th Birthday!

Anybody who knows me knows that my birthday is absolutely my favourite day of the year! I get so excited and always want everything to be absolutely perfect! This year didn't fail me and I stept out of my teens in style with some of my favourite people. I thought I would post a little piece showing off what I wore and my new PRESENTSSSSS! 

 Here is me in my little black (£8.50) Newlook dress! I am so in love with it! My new sequined clutch (miss selfridge)  and black suede heels (Newlook) See last blog post for the details.
Me and a couple of girlies from my fashion course <3

My best friend in the world <3

New Chanel Sunglasses off my parents which I have wanted FOREVERRRR!

And my second pair of Cheryl shoes of the Boyfriend. They are GORGEOUS!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

August Purchases...

Recently since starting my new job at Newlook, I have been finding it seriously difficult to resist my 50% discount. Every shift I am secretly browsing for what I'm going to buy next! 

On my last wishlist post I added several statement necklaces, these are so on trend right now and can completely finish an outfit perfectly. They can make a mediocre styled outfit stand out. This is one I chose from Newlook and with my discount only cost me around £3. I love it! In the image below I wore it with a simple scalloped top and jeans and it gave such a simple outfit so much more edge! 

I've also been trying to hunt down an animal print maxi dress for some time. I wanted one for my holiday to Majorca for travelling in because they look amazing but are so comfy at the same time. I saw this one in newlook and fell in love! The fabric is so soft - perfect for my travels! And it was only £10 with discount. Even at the full price of £20 it would have been a bargain. 

I have ALWAYS bought my heels from Newlook. They have so much choice and are great value for money. My last pair of black heels I probably wore a hundred times and they lasted me ages! I thought I'd treat myself to a new pair of suede ones at only £15 how could I resist! They are the comfiest shoes also for ones so high. I would reccomend Newlook shoes to everyone!

August is my birthday month (yayyy) I wanted to find the perfect dress. I went to the trafford centre and found NOTHING! I was so dissapointed in Topshop and Miss Selfridge which are my usual favourites! Luckily I had bought the dress below from newlook for £8.50!!! I instantly fell in the love with the dainty style and the criss cross detail down the middle. This is the dress I ended up wearing for my birthday night out! The style was so flattering and I got lots of complements! So it just shows you don't always need to spend mega ammounts of money to find the perfect dress.

Obviously the dress is very simple and classic so I wanted to find accessories that were more over the top, to add a bit more sparkle to the outfit. I bought this clutch bag from Miss Selfridge, they had sent me a £5 voucher for my birthday so I got this for £25 which is a little pricey but seeing as I'd spent so little on the dress I allowed a little more for the accessories. I love this clutch so much, sequins are one of my favourite things ever! 

 Lastly, steering away from clothing... I had a few spare minutes before work the other week so went for a browse in body shop. This body butter is normally £12 but was on offer for half price. I smelt this one and couldn't resist! I've been using it every day for 2 weeks now and my skin feels amazing and refreshed. I would definitely reccomend this! I think it is still on offer too!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Current Wishlist...

Rihanna's Clothing line for River Island...

It was announced days ago that this was happening! What do we all think about this? Personally I am very excited! I love Rihannas daring and quirky style and would love to see if she brings elements of that into her own range. I imagine it will hold alot of bright colours and edgy, unusual designs but we will have to see... It will be interesting to see how much of her own style she will adapt into the range becuase that would be a crazy collection! VERY excited for this.

Bad Blogger!

Oh myyyy! I have completely neglected this blog for weeks so I apologise and have to come to update you on all the recent happenings, purchases and discoveries I've come across recently! 

In my previous post I mentioned going back dark... So here is a photo...

And I got new extra long extensions too! I love it so much more, I forgot how much I loved being dark and I definitely think it suits me so much better.

What distracted me most was being on my holidayyyyyy!! Me and Richard went to Portugal and it couldn't have been more perfect! I wont bore you with details and mountains of pictures but I would reccomend staying in the Old Town in Albufeira to any other couples looking for a chilled holiday but also the option of a lively nightlife. Here are a couple of photos...

As you can see my hair got gradually lighter again on holiday (annoyinggggggg) But this was definitely one of my favourite holidays yet!! I was so depressed when I got back to England that I've booked a cheeky 4 nights in Majorca with my best friend next week wowowoowww! (the perks of a student overdraft oops)

Speaking of money... I've recently got a new job at Newlook! I love it sooooo much more than my other job AND I get 50% discount! How amazing is that... but also very dangerous because every shift I just eye up everything I am going to buy! So I predict that the future of this blog will hold alot of newlook purchases!! 

Recent Purchases that I have made are...
 This GORGEOUSSSSS top from River Island! It is completely me! My favourite colours, pretty embellished detail and really pretty and girly. It was a great find.
I also found these in the River islan sale! Best bargain ever!! They were reduced from £65 to £20 and they are beaut! They only have a size 4 left but I manage to squeeze my little feet into them perfectly yayyyy!

I wore the new River Island gear with Topshop leather look leggins.

This has to be my current fave outfit! I am obsessed with Peplum! It is soooo flattering I LOVE it! I wore a Topshop Peplum top with this fushia Pink Pencil skirt which is from Missguided. Pencil skirts are really on trend right now and I can't believe I've waited this long to buy one!

Last purchase was this nude blazer from the Topshop sale which was reduced from £55 to £25 and I have wanted it for agesssssss! So I was VERY happy when I found it on the sale wrack. I just wore it for casual drinks with my Topshop Pink jeans but I can't wait to dress it up and wear it on a night out.

I think thats everything... I wont leave it as long as last time to blog again! I don't no what I was thinking :)

cyaaaaaaaa x

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping Spree with mamaaa...

Yesterday my lovely mum took me shopping for holiday necessities and we went a little over the top! I got spoilt! I got new pjamas from Primark... I'm not a huge fan of primark and can never be bothered rummaging through everything trying to find something that I like. But these pj's are so little and cute I love them! I got new foundation - Rimmel 24 hour  in classic beige that I mix with my clinique. Oil and eyelashes for holiday! The eyelashes are kimberly girls aloud and they were only £3 at bodycare. I love all the girls aloud eyelashes! I got hair dye... thank you to everyone who commented on my hair colour post! I love my colour at the moment but it is looking a little on the ginger side and I'm worried what colour it will develop to whilst I'm on holiday so I'm going back to my roots and dyeing it back dark brown and hopeee that some of my highlights will come through after a few washes! The beach bag, flip flops and dress are from H&M and I am so in love with the dress! I think it's very Cheryl (cringeeee) 

 Here is a better picture.... I love the colours and the pattern! It will look perfect on holiday! But I couldn't wait until then to wear it so I tried it out last night... 

You can't even see the dress but this is me and Rachael whilst on our way to being extremely drunk!

I will post pictures of my new hair when it's done which should be later today! Exciting!! xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hair colour dilema?

The first pictures are what my hair was like and the last 2 pictures are what it's like now. Do I go back darker or not... Help me bloggers?!

Catch up crazy!

With being so busy since finishing uni with working etc I have spent very little time going out and seeing my favourites! So last week with the big bank holiday I took it as an opportunity to go a little mad and make the most of the long weekend. 

Firstly my absolute faveeee Chloe came up from Cannock to visit me. We decided to go for a couple of cocktails but you no how it is... a few cocktails turn into 10 and we ended up going everywhere and spending too much money!

Here are our pretty cocktails...
I am so sad this was the last time I will see Chloe for a few months definitely feel like I've lost my left arm or something!

The next day we were all going out for a meal for my Dads birthday which I loved because my family are amazing! I wore my yellow Miss Selfridge Dress...

 And my Cheryl Cole shoes for the first time ever! Iv'e had them since December and haven't wanted to wear them incase they got ruined but they survived the night fine and looked SO good.
 Me and my beaut sister...
 Me and the boyfie...

After the meal I got a text off this one asking if I wanted to go for drinks at our local which sounds harmless. It definitely wasn't... we were the last ones in there as always but I got to see friends who I hadn't see for agesssssss So it was worth the hangover the next day!
 Rachael the culprit!!
What topped me over the edge.. naughty tequila.

My favourite night to round off the bank holiday was this one! Mine and Rachy's contribution to the jubillee was wearing these tacky princess crowns... I wore this dress which is from Topshop that only cost me £18 with student discount.
 It was so nice going out with the girls (minus a few others) and getting absolutely stupid! Shame I had work at 10 the next day :'(