Monday, 12 November 2012

My current obsession... STATEMENT NECKLACES

On a wish list post several months ago I said that a statement necklace was at the top of my list... I now have quite a selection which is continuing to grow I just cant stop! They completely change an outfit and are such a handy piece to put with a fairly plain outfit that you have quickly thrown together when in a rush! Here are my favourite 3...

All from Topshop! 

Recent hair and beauty experiments...

Glitter on mushroom. 
Yes I know we've all seen glittery nails before but this picture doesn't do justice how great these colours are together! I used a models own mushroom brown shade for the base coat and then a layer of gold glitter over that. I found the idea on a pinterest board and thought the glitter really complemented the shade. And they will look perfect over christmas!

I wanted to try something different with my hair Its almost always down and curled! I wanted to try something where my hair would look appropriate for a dressy occasion whilst being up. From time to time I will try a bun but because my hair is so long I like to do styles that can show off my length (especially as I'm having it all chopped off soon *cry*) So after trailing through a million youtube tutorials I gave this style an attempt. It has lots of volume and is a little different to my usual looks. All it entailed was a lot of back comb in a bottle (AMAZING) and a good handful of hair grips. AND it didn't take long at all! I tried this out one morning before I went to uni as a quick trial and I had plenty of time. Give it a go guys :) x