Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bad blogger award goes to...

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :( So I haven't blogged in absolutely forever! The last 6 months have been mayhem! I have now graduated from university and what a relief that is. It has been so nice not having the stress of deadlines over summer but now it has started to sink in that I wont be going back which does make me so so sad. I miss living the student life and getting drunk every other night of the week and living in my little cute student house and not having my parents breathing down my neck all the time. But that just makes me more determined to start the rest of my life, get an amazing job and save up for my own place. Fingers crossed this will happen soon, my life currently revolves around applying for jobs and there is no worse feeling that rejection. I'm getting by with working at New Look which I do enjoy but I want to start my professional career and New Look isn't a part of that plan. So theres a little update of why I have been the worst blogger, but I hope that from now on I will find the time to pay attention to my blog! xx

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