Wednesday, 9 October 2013


One of the plus sides of no longer being a student and being back at home is that I have more money to spend on new lovely things. And I feel I have gone back to the shopaholic that I used to be. Here are some of my new fave purchases...
Absolutely in love with these! Leather skirt - New Look - £10 with my staff discount ;) Perfect for during the day and going out. Boots - New Look - £12.49 with my staff discount
After dyeing my hair back dark, the colours that suit me have changed, I barely ever buy red but I saw this dress and fell in love. Me and the girls are out in Manchester next week and I think I will save it for then (will post pics of what it looked like) Now I'm just looking for the right accessories, seeing as the dress is quite simple I want some very over the top pieces.
Lastly my new favourite lipstick! The picture does this no justice as the colour itself is a lot more of a coral shade rather than red. I absolutely love it! So impressed with Topshop's lipsticks this is my third now and each colour I have loved. Now I have to be on my best behaviour with spending until pay day (never going to happen) Will post again soon. cyaaaaaa x

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