Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping Spree with mamaaa...

Yesterday my lovely mum took me shopping for holiday necessities and we went a little over the top! I got spoilt! I got new pjamas from Primark... I'm not a huge fan of primark and can never be bothered rummaging through everything trying to find something that I like. But these pj's are so little and cute I love them! I got new foundation - Rimmel 24 hour  in classic beige that I mix with my clinique. Oil and eyelashes for holiday! The eyelashes are kimberly girls aloud and they were only £3 at bodycare. I love all the girls aloud eyelashes! I got hair dye... thank you to everyone who commented on my hair colour post! I love my colour at the moment but it is looking a little on the ginger side and I'm worried what colour it will develop to whilst I'm on holiday so I'm going back to my roots and dyeing it back dark brown and hopeee that some of my highlights will come through after a few washes! The beach bag, flip flops and dress are from H&M and I am so in love with the dress! I think it's very Cheryl (cringeeee) 

 Here is a better picture.... I love the colours and the pattern! It will look perfect on holiday! But I couldn't wait until then to wear it so I tried it out last night... 

You can't even see the dress but this is me and Rachael whilst on our way to being extremely drunk!

I will post pictures of my new hair when it's done which should be later today! Exciting!! xx

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