Saturday, 9 June 2012

Catch up crazy!

With being so busy since finishing uni with working etc I have spent very little time going out and seeing my favourites! So last week with the big bank holiday I took it as an opportunity to go a little mad and make the most of the long weekend. 

Firstly my absolute faveeee Chloe came up from Cannock to visit me. We decided to go for a couple of cocktails but you no how it is... a few cocktails turn into 10 and we ended up going everywhere and spending too much money!

Here are our pretty cocktails...
I am so sad this was the last time I will see Chloe for a few months definitely feel like I've lost my left arm or something!

The next day we were all going out for a meal for my Dads birthday which I loved because my family are amazing! I wore my yellow Miss Selfridge Dress...

 And my Cheryl Cole shoes for the first time ever! Iv'e had them since December and haven't wanted to wear them incase they got ruined but they survived the night fine and looked SO good.
 Me and my beaut sister...
 Me and the boyfie...

After the meal I got a text off this one asking if I wanted to go for drinks at our local which sounds harmless. It definitely wasn't... we were the last ones in there as always but I got to see friends who I hadn't see for agesssssss So it was worth the hangover the next day!
 Rachael the culprit!!
What topped me over the edge.. naughty tequila.

My favourite night to round off the bank holiday was this one! Mine and Rachy's contribution to the jubillee was wearing these tacky princess crowns... I wore this dress which is from Topshop that only cost me £18 with student discount.
 It was so nice going out with the girls (minus a few others) and getting absolutely stupid! Shame I had work at 10 the next day :'( 

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