Monday, 16 April 2012

BF's 21st

So Saturday 7th April Was my little penguins 21st Birthday party! So I travelled up to Cannock (on my own wahhh) with my suitcase, even though i was only there for a night, but you can never be too prepared!   Anyway it was the best night! I hadn't seen Chloe in a couple of weeks when normally we live together so it was so good seeing her and catching up and giving her birthday presentttt!! I got her a little mulberry friendship style bracelet and she loved it yayyy. The party was amazing! I wore this...
It was glitter and sparkles theme so I kept the dress simple and then wore my sparkley KG's and a sparkley clutch.
The party itself was so good, I hardly spent anything because so many people kept buying me drinks (my nothern accent is a hit with the cannockers) Here is a picture of the AMAZING birthday cake...
And here is a picture with the beautiful birthday girl...

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  1. That is the most amazing cake I have ever seen!

    great blog xxx