Saturday, 19 May 2012

pretty in peplum...

I am very much loving a lot of these peplum numbers I am finding in the stores! Its such a classy style of clothing that maybe I wouldn't normally have thought much of but in the beautiful summer shades I am very tempted to purchase a couple of Peplum pieces.... Plus they are great for hiding unwanted curvy bits!!! Here are a few I've found online that may be options for when payday arrives!


Miss Selfridge

River Island



  1. Loving all the peplum thats about right now!
    I have a couple of tops in this style which are great, but loving the lil lilac skirt above! May have to be brought!!

  2. I love these, especially the pastel skirts. Not sure they would be a good look on me though as I think they would just accentuate my hips!

    I've just tagged you over on my blog.
    Mel x