Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bare Minerals Trial...

I have a very lovely friend on my uni course who is absolutely amazing at make-up! She currently works for Bare Minerals and was kind enough to give me a few free samples the other day. I've always been pretty hesitant to use Bare Minerals as it's all powder based make-up and my concern was that it wouldn't give me the full coverage I need/like to have. I'm used to using Estée Lauder double wear foundation which is a very thick liquid but literally covers everything! But i'm open to new things so I gave the samples a try...

Primer - I've never really used primer before, it's supposed to help your make-up stay on longer... So I tried it whilst we've been having this really hot weather as normally make-up in boiling conditions can lead to disaster! But it really did help the powder stay put for ages considering I was outside in the sun pretty much all day! Very impressed!

I love the cute packaging of the cleanser and moisturiser! And I also love the products too! The moisturiser was perfect for the summer weather. It had a fresh fragrance that made my skin feel so soft and healthy. The cleanser was amazing too, for the amount of make-up I wear it managed to get it all off and leave my face feeling light and fresh.

The foundation was what I had my doubts on, how was this going to do what I want when I'm used to smothering my face in a thick liquid. But I was surprised at how well it covered my skin and how easy it was to apply. The coverage wasn't to what I usually go for but I'd say for over the summer months, when you have a healthy glow and maybe don't want to wear so much make-up during the day, this is perfect. 

I'm definitely impressed with this brand, I actually felt like my skin could breathe for a day and It was nice feeling slightly more natural. But I think I will stick to my heavier foundation for the fuller coverage. 

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